It occurred to me one day in the middle of an exquisite conversation with a friend, that...
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Struck not only by the way her words were permeating my very essence

but also the way that inspiration seemed to awaken in the presence of that loving communication. I then took this with me out into the world, and was aware that as a result, I was interacting differently, openly, compassionately and with more clarity.

In orbit around me are some of the most intriguing, intelligent and effective people. I wanted to share some of what I have gleaned from them in this conversation series called the ripple effect. It is my deepest hope that you will be lifted and transformed by experiencing the words of these inspiring human beings, and perhaps you will take this out into your world, so that it may ripple on and on and on...

I use words and music in an attempt to convey the awe, the sorrow, the rage, the stillness and the desperate beauty in experience. This is my language. This is my mother tongue.

So music has taken me far.

Each coast has carved me into something I would never have been without the other. Each song, each day, each lover, each child I have birthed, each moment of believing myself broken, and of course, each victory has made this life, so far, a great adventure. The quest- To be here now. To act and love with courage. To write with honesty. To let go. To wake up. To serve.

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It occurred to me one day in the middle of an exquisite conversation with a friend, that words have an unbelievable ability to transform, and that language is born of a silence from which all things arise.


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