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Welcome to my website!  We have been working on this for months trying to gather all the old photos, press and videos so we can look back fondly at all the great fun that was had for the last 15 years.   Thank you to all who helped me find this material!   It has been an amazing ride through the music business.  After all that time being with Nettwerk Music Group, we finally parted ways last fall.   It seems that since I am unable to tour anymore for long periods of time (3 kids and all) that it is unlikely that I could support a record. I would need to tour extensively to win back the old fans and make new ones, and well, it just is not possible…at least not right now.  I thank Nettwerk with all my heart for sticking with me through it all, and wish them the greatest success with their new music.  I have always felt so honoured to be a part of such a brilliant family of visionaries, and they will always be a part of me.  That said, onward we must go!

I am really excited for this new chapter.  In this website, along with the old music that I will link to itunes for you (in case you want to purchase it), there will also (eventually) be new music for you.  This is not released by a label,  but just by myself.  I will eventually include a ‘donate’ button in case anyone feels like dropping a few coins in my guitar case for the music, but I don’t necessarily feel inclined to charge for recorded music anymore. So please feel free to listen and enjoy and download and pass along.

I will also be writing  about subjects like parenting, yoga, my favorite things, and other news and musings.  I warn you though, I can be quite controversial, sometimes a tad crude and candid.  I cannot always promise a PG rating.  I do hope to always bring you honesty and humour.

I will also include some favorite archives from the old site, where I have been writing for a decade.

This site is called The Ripple Effect.  Everything we experience has an effect on us, and everything action we take has an effect.  I wanted to ask some of the great leaders, artists and thinkers of our time about the things that moved them to action.  I have started a conversation series that you will be able to access on this site as well.  I hope these people inspire you, as they do me, to live your most extraordinary life.

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